Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nothing in the Papers

Back in the 1950s Highland Moors on the outskirts of Llandrindod - you can just about make it out in this snap - was a residential school for pupils suffering with TB.  The B&R reports that at a recent reunion a former pupil, Welsh rugby legend Clive Griffiths, made a speech.  I think they meant Clive Rowlands.

If the B&R hasn't been the same since they took the advertisements off the front page then what about the Mid-Wales Journal?  They report that author Catrin Daffyd recently spoke to pupils at Builth High School.  Catrin Daffyd?  Ignorance or a joke?  Either way they should stop pretending to be a Welsh paper and go back to being called the Wellington Journal.

Meanwhile the Evening Standard manages a sly dig at Wales and the Eisteddfod in its review of the Indonesian martial arts epic The Raid*.  Now I'm no great fan of the Gorsedd but what about the Hay Festival.  The sight of the London glitterati being pursued by a bunch of Javanese kickboxers would be entertaining and socially useful.

* The film concerns a police team trapped in a tower block inhabited by homicidal criminals. Director Gareth Huw Evans is originally from Hirwaun.  Hirwaun, tower block?  That figures.

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ThinShane said...

It was a TB sanatorium earlier than the 50s. My old man was there during WW2. The diaries are with County Archives.