Friday, June 28, 2013

"A Radnorshire Farm Boy" - BBC, 28th June 2013

It's getting on for four decades years since Westminster decided to abolish the old county of Radnorshire but still it won't lie down.  When Dan Lydiate turns out for the Lions later today, it's unlikely that the BBC will refer to him as a Powys farm boy.  Being based upon the old gwlad of Rhwng Gwy a Hafren there is something organic about Radnorshire which that modern-day invention, Powys, fails to emulate.

So best wishes to Dan and while we're at it let's remember another Radnorshire rugby player who twice toured Australia with a British Isles team, the second occasion in 1908 as captain.  A F Harding may have been born in Shropshire but his father was a Welsh doctor who took up residence in New Radnor when young Arthur was just two years of age.  Harding snr. continued to serve as the village physician for a further 40 years, he was also a local JP and a Tory member of Radnorshire County Council.

Who knows, young Lydiate might one-day emulate his Radnorian predecessor and actually play in a Welsh side that beats the All Blacks!

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