Friday, September 27, 2013

Are Scots Lazy and/or Stupid?

I didn't see last night's Newsnight but according to twitter the eminent psephologist Professor Curtice came up with an explanation as to why the 2011 Census showed a majority of Scots opting for the Scottish only box.  It seems they only did this because it was the first option on offer.

Unionists can get away with such claptrap because the Scottish figures are only broken down to local authority level.  In Wales, where the census is available at a community and ward level, its accuracy becomes apparent.

In Wales, too, the "Welsh only" choice was the first on offer.  This did not prevent 79% of the population of the historic border town of Presteigne ignoring that welcoming "Welsh only" box.  In nearby Knighton 72% skipped the inviting first choice and in New Radnor 76%.   Are the residents of these border townships really more conscientious at form-filling than the Scots?

In parish after parish the figures reflect the reality on the ground. For example in the community of Diserth, with its two large retirement parks, we expect a low "Welsh only" figure (33%) while in the neighbouring market town of Builth a higher 52% comes as no surprise.  There is a quite obvious correlation between birthplace and national identity.

Isn't this an example of how Unionism views the mass of the Scottish people .... too lazy and/or stupid to fill out a form accurately never mind run a country?

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