Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"She is just a child and yet still you piss yourselves!"

I'm guessing that the US State Department were quite pleased with Brazil's humiliating defeat in the recent football tournament.  They'll kid themselves that it will help hasten the day when a US-friendly government gets back into power.

One of the problems of being old is that things you know to be true - since you were alive at the time - are largely unknown to many of the new generation.  The murderous, CIA backed regimes in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Central America fade into history and the narrative of a maybe naive but essentially decent American liberal interventionism takes its place. 

So here we have a young Dilma Rousseff seemingly pictured before a military court after suffering torture at the hands of the CIA trained junta. Meanwhile her judges hide their faces from posterity.

I can't say I know a great deal about the current situation in Brazil and no doubt there are valid criticisms to be made of her government.  At the same time the money-men from the US will be spreading their largess to ensure that Dilma loses the upcoming elections.  There will be concerned pieces in the "liberal" western media about conditions in the favelas and resources wasted on grandiose projects like the World Cup and the Olympics.  What they really mean is that Dilma, along with the other BRICS nations, is challenging the hegemony of the US dollar-racket.

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