Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Old Block

Feeling a bit of sympathy for Andy Mountbatten - hasn't the guy done his level best to win Central Asia for the West?  And how is he repaid?  By having his face splashed all over the front page.  What is the point of the cleptocracy owning the media if they can't keep an officer and a gentleman out of the papers.

Anyway this blog needs to get in touch with its yé-yé girl roots, so for Andy and especially his dad here's the best-connected woman in the history of pop to sing a little ditty:


Jac o' the North, said...

Where do you dig these up from? I don't remember her.

radnorian said...

I had an aunt whose specialist subject was sexual shenanigans of the royal family and there were lots of unfounded rumours about the Duke and the songbird's mum. The wee lassie actually attended the Coronation with Prince Charles.

I don't remember her singing career either, although she was one of the support acts on the Beatles first British tour.