Saturday, November 07, 2020

The American Election

Of course the news media don't certify the result of the American election, that's the job of the electoral college and perhaps ultimately the Supreme Court.  The drama still has a few more scenes left to play

Let's assume though that Biden has won, there are quite a few positives to take away.  No more Pompeo or Pence for starters, although their replacements will be equally as satanic.  The white working class support for Trump dropped a little, no doubt disillusioned with the failure to drain the swamp.  Meanwhile black and Latino support rose, showing that men, especially, reject identity politics and are attracted to the idea of unity based on common economic interests, call it class if you like. 

Then you have 70 million voters who must be thoroughly disillusioned with crooked mainstream politics, that's a great engine for real change.  And finally some of the most obnoxious people on the planet think they've won a great victory, they'll be emboldened - really they can't help themselves - and will no doubt hasten a day of reckoning with their stupidity.

So what has any of this to do with Wales?  At least there is some interest in the US Election amongst the Welsh political class, although none of it advances much beyond echoing woke mainstream media talking points.  The world beyond the EU and the Anglosphere elicits little interest, and this at a time when global power is shifting away from the West.  Nationalists make the perfectly valid point that Wales is rich enough to be independent, whether it has the necessary leadership to bring that about is doubtful.


Anonymous said...

I am in no doubt that this election was manipulated. As with all manipulated elections, it is those in power (e.g. Trump, Lukashenko, Museveni, Putin) who do the manipulating. One of the ways that Trump tried to manipulate this election was by encouraging his supporters to vote in person on election day, and appointing in September a puppet as head of the US Postal Service with the purpose of causing delays to the delivery of ballots. So, Trump's "illegal votes" are quite normal postal ballots that he illegally tried to prevent getting to the count on time. I do not know how successful this strategy was, but thankfully not enough. The details are here:

radnorian said...

What you fail to realise is that the United States has a federal system. What this means is that the people in power in the swing states where the most blatant manipulation has occurred are Biden supporters.