Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Social Fascists?

What prospects for a truly independent Wales in a country that so readily swallows the mainstream lies about Covid and Ukraine?  The intellectuals are a lost cause, thoroughly indoctrinated, as they are, with "Western values."  Maybe there's some hope with the Brexit voting working class, who showed signs of independent thought over that issue at least

How to describe the Labour-Plaid hegemony? A term from the Thirties might fit the bill, Social Fascists ............ folk who spout Socialist platitudes but, when it comes to it, always support imperialism and the corporate state.  A Wales bedecked in blue and yellow flags is just the latest manifestation of all this.  One wonders what Gwyn Alf would have thought of it all?  I like to think his sympathies would have been with the miners of Donbas rather than the Nazi lovers currently eulogised by my myopic fellow countrymen.

Trying to be a little less blunt, I guess a good deal of the rank and file support for Ukraine stems from ignorance.  The country is seen as a minnow standing up to a giant although in reality, despite widespread economic looting by its elite, it still has one of the largest populations in Europe.  It is also a multi ethnic country seeking to forcibly impose the language of its Western regions on the national minorities.  It is a nationalism  that sided with Hitler during the war, carried out unspeakable atrocities on its Jewish and Polish neighbours and continues to celebrate the killers down to the present day.

One lesson from the last few months is that throughout the EU the ruling elites continue to hold the Russophobic views of their fathers and grandfathers.  Many countries in Europe were not victims of Nazidom, they were willing accomplices and this thinking has again come out into the open.

Here's a song by Chicherina celebrating the Donbas miners and their struggle.

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