Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mrs Louise Bryden-Brown

Mrs Louise Bryden-Brown, Formula One entrant in the early Sixties? Who was she then?

Born 19th June 1916, she was the daughter of Mr and Mrs James H. Parke of Pacific Grove, California, and an occasional competitor in American races in the late Fifties when she was known as Louise P. Cano. Anthony Bryden-Brown of London ( his parents lived in Sydney, Australia ) married Mrs Laura Louise Cano in Reno, Nevada on February 8th, 1958, and so she acquired the surname known to motor racing.

Tony Maggs drove her pretty Lotus 18 in a couple of World Championship races in 1961, Dan Gurney raced the same car in a handful of Non-Championship events. In 1962 Mrs Bryden-Brown's equipe - Anglo-American Racing - even built a Cooper Special of their own, the Aiden-Cooper, which was campaigned in Non-Championship events by Ian Burgess.

Louise died in Penzance, Cornwall, January 4th 1972.

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