Friday, January 13, 2006

Stuart Lewis-Evans

There are various sites around the web that list Stuart Lewis-Evans as a Welsh driver, so is there any truth to the claim?

Firstly TNF has already established that Lewis-Evans was not the name that appeared on Stuart's birth certificate, infact his surname was Evans, Lewis is a second forename. A search of TNF shows that Pop Lewis-Evans listed his place of birth in the Who's Who section of the Motor Racing Directory 1957, it was Plumstead, the date, 6 November 1899.

A search of the 1901 census again shows that the family surname was Evans and that Pop's birth name was Lewis Evans, the double barrel was obviously a later addition. Pop's father Charles Evans was born in........Plumstead, as was his mother. Go back to the 1881 census and we find Stuart's great grandfather Thomas Evans, a Stafford born beer retailer living in Plumstead.

Yes, we can safely exclude Stuart Lewis-Evans from the list of Welsh drivers.

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