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Radnorshire Bardic Poems, 23

This wedding ode by Lewis Glyn Cothi was addresed to Hywel ab Ystyfn of New Radnor and Sioned Havard.

No 159 Wedding Ode to Hywel ab Ystyfn and Sioned Havard

Who are the roots of Maesyfaidd, who are generous?
The race of Elystan Glodrydd!
Hywel son of (He will be placed in the roll}
Ystyfn, from the ribcage of Dafydd.

A Dafydd, like the son of Llyr, chief of chieftains,
A second Llywelyn Crug Eryr,
A Philip Dorddu, cultured and dark,
His ancestors were these ancients.

Men who gave deliverence
And protection.
Hywel is the fifth
Of his race, just as generous,
His ardour as splendid,
His steel as brave,
His contenance as fair;
Better than any sheet,
Place around him
The cloak of Urien Rheged,
A blessed coat of mail,
Beli's steel helmet.
He is able in his doublet,
Assured in his jacket,
If his sallet is a sun,
His Corset is rock crystal.
Let his warhorse drive,
Let it slam into the battlefield,
Keeper of township and it's faith,
He makes peace.
I am Hywel's hound,
Bleating loudly,
I call, I sniff out
His trail of generosity.

Let him marry,
Two oaths and a shared honour,
Praise for their wedding
Is given to them,
Sioned's wisdom
Is the fruit of St Bride,
The picture of Luned,
Slim-browed in velvet,
Golden child of the Havards,
A planet in the heavens,
From birth she gave
Orange and claret.
Confident Hywel,
Who gives so generously;
On feast days they're seen,
I go in spite of drink,
The feasts of Mary and Margaret
Two choice Sundays.

A stag runs to the cliff,
A roebuck seeking sanctuary;
To the snug court's floor,
I, myself, come,
like the sea to an embankment,
Or water to Dyfed,
I come so peacefully
To a liberal fortress.
A lifetime wish them
With glory,
Let them multiply,
A ripe bulb.
Good for us like Dwned,
Drawing on doucet wine,
God for their goodness,
Make them the oldest in Christendom.

Hywel, let Faith embroider this marriage
To Sioned the daughter of Tomas;
Two roots within the same refuge,
And in the root, the gift of a shoot.

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