Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Book of the Month

Back in the late fifties eighteen year old Kevin Brownlow and sixteen year old Andrew Mollo started work on an ambitious film to portray a Britain that had been defeated by Hitler and was now ruled by the Blackshirts. Eight years and £7000 later they finished their film. This book tells the story of how It Happened Here was made and the controversy that surrounded its launch.

Part of the film was made in New Radnor and dozens of local people acted as extras, the leading role of Pauline Murray was also taken by a local woman, Mrs Jobson - the village doctor's wife.

This is a refreshing book and a fine companion to the DVD of the film. The film itself is one of the great war films, the fact that it was made by two young men for a pittance - the trailer for the American release cost more than the film itself! - a miracle.

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