Thursday, November 11, 2010

Late Town Extra

The news that Llandod mayor Gary Price has joined Plaid Cymru roused the town's dormant blogger David Peter from his well-deserved slumber to aim a little dig at Plaid's "xenophobia."

Ex-Councillor Peter (Lib Dem) is also amazed that the BBC's Mid Wales site should find the item "remotely newsworthy". A bit of a puzzle this, as it was obviously newsworthy enough to get Mr Full Pelt blogging again.

Anyway good luck to the industrious Mr Price. He might like to pick up ex-MP Lembit Opik's recently published book (pictured) as a reminder that some Lib Dems, at least, have a sense of their own absurdity.


Anonymous said...

What really amazes me is that Dai Full Pelt should consider his thoughts on this 'defection' to be even remotely interesting. It must be the silly season again down in Llandoddy.

Anonymous said...

He has form for grossly misrepresenting Plaid. Maybe deep down he is aware that Plaid is what the LibDems could be if they truly adopted the localism and community action they bang on about and cut the apron strings to all things London.

radnorian said...

It's not just Plaid though, I wonder what Mr Peter meant by this comment on his blog?

"the language apartheid that has been steadily constructed over the past thirty years"

S4C? Welsh medium education? The increased rights of Welsh speakers to use the language in the courts and public life?

see here: